Projects, Projects, Conventions, Projects

Projects, Projects, Conventions, Projects

I got back from Reconnaissance last night (with much gratitude to the kind people who saved me from the overnight bus) and am feeling a bit twitchy and all over the place and very glad I don’t have to be at work today (unions! they’re good things! join them!). Despite some messy aspects to the weekend, it was lovely to catch up and hang out with people, there were some interesting and very useful events (especially Elizabeth Heritage‘s talk on publicising speculative fiction in NZ and Fiona Brown‘s discussion on writing clothing and costume), the hot pools were amazing, the weather mostly held and despite being a fucking hellmouth Rotorua is beautiful:

lake rotorua lit by early sun

government gardens in Rotorua

Was really pleased to see people I know and whose work I love win Sir Julius Vogel awards, including Lee Murray, Paul Mannering and OF COURSE A.J. Fitzwater. A.J., I think there’s only one appropriate reaction here:

Aaaaaand… guess who’s co-chairing the 38th National Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in 2017? Yup. I’m not sure whether to hide in a corner shaking or run round excitedly. Probably both. We had some great support over the weekend and despite wildly varying rumours all weekend (argh!) we ended up unopposed and endorsed by fans. So it’s official! We have two years to put together something AWESOME. I reckon we should be able to do that. Memberships should be open in a few months – watch this space. And if you have any ideas, suggestions, want to run an event, feel free to email me at We’re not at the stage of confirming events, but we are definitely collecting ideas.

Amidst all this, I am trying to do some actual writing. I have three near-publication projects in the works – I’m working on the edits for Bree’s Dinosaur (coming soon from Paper Road Press), am just waiting on cover art and proofreading before releasing Liquid City and have the final proof to look over of my Accessing the Future story. So the next few months should be very exciting in terms of releases.

Camp NaNoWriMo Participant BadgeAnd yes, because I’m so short on things to do, I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo this month. I’m working on a novella (24k or so). It’s a comedy about time travel and music and relationships which is proving quite fun to write and a break from my usual type of story.

Also on the go: two novels (the sequel to Liquid CityIce Flight and the slowly progressing Clouds of Safina) and a couple of short stories – one of which I’m planning to submit to the At The Edge anthology, and another about changelings, just because.

I’m always in a weird place when I get back from conventions. Half of me is thinking “wow! so many ideas! I can write all the things so much to think about so much to do” and the other is “urgh all these people are doing such cool things and I’m nowhere near as good as them so why do I bother”. Trying to channel the former right now. And hopefully by next time I’ll have something to show for it.


  • Cassie

    You are so awesome 🙂 That is all!

    1. acbuchanan

      I mentioned our ability to work on things together without killing each other in the bid. I thought it was a strong selling point.

  • Lee

    This is what an Easter weekend should look like. Epic. Can’t wait for Bree’s Dinosaur! L

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