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A.C. (Andi) Buchanan is a science fiction and fantasy writer, and part-time space lobster, located near Wellington. They're the author of several novellas, and their short fiction has been published in anthologies from Paper Road Press, FutureFire.net and Crossed Genres.

Andi also co-chairs LexiCon, edits Capricious, and likes cheese, dinosaurs, and good disability representation in SFF.

Short Fiction

Short Fiction

"Syren Song" - Kaleidotrope


"And Still the Forests Grow though We are Gone" – At the Edge anthology from Paper Road Press

"MAKET, or, Alternative Endings for Ivan Ivanovich" - Unsung Stories


"Puppetry" - Accessing the Future anthology from Futurefire.net


"Growth" – Fierce Family anthology from Crossed Genres


"The Character of 82 James Street" – Baby Teeth anthology from Paper Road Press*

"Splintering" – Regeneration anthology from Random Static*

"Built in a Day" – Luna Station Quarterly*


"Millie" – Outlaw Bodies anthology from The Future Fire*

"Blueprints" – Fat Girl in a Strange Land anthology from Crossed Genres*

"Winter Baby" – Phantasmacore*

*writing as Anna Caro

For earlier work, please see my full bibliography.

News and Updates

A weekly update on new releases, works in progress, plans for the future, and more.

10 July 2017: Camp NaNo is in full swing, and I’m a little over 10k in to my novella, while also planning for WorldCon and working on a short story about aliens and phobias.

3 July 2017: I have a new story out at Kaleidotrope: “Syren Song“! It’s a flash piece about a teenage runaway in space. July is also Camp NaNoWriMo month; I’m working on a novella based on a local ghost story, with a goal of 36k before I go to Europe at the end of the month. Wish me luck!

26 June 2017: Focused on short stories this week – including a new magic realist story about indoor plumbing. I also just completed the edits on ‘Syren Song’, a short-short story due for publication next month.

19 June 2017: I have two main projects in progress at the moment: my social science fiction novel Clouds of Safina and a short story about love, change, and sea monsters set in 1960’s Gisborne. I also got a last minute opportunity to go to WorldCon in Helsinki in August and have been frantically planning travel.


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